flolys nano

The only purifier
that cleans the air around you,
Wherever you are1

  • Ultra-compact purifier
  • Aero-Pure technology, captures and removes harmful particles and gases from the air
  • Creates a pure air bubble around you
  • Ultra-convenient to take with you wherever you go

The only purifier
qui nettoie l’air autour de vous, où que vous soyez1

  • Ultra-compact purifier
  • Technologie Aero-Pure, capture et élimine les particules et gaz de l’air
  • Projette de l’air purifié tout autour de vous
  • Ultra-convenient to take with you wherever you go

1 Flolys Nano is an ultra-compact and nomadic air purifier. It cleans the air around you, in all indoor environments where you feel the need to breathe clean air: at home, at work, in the car, in the subway, etc. Flolys Nano removes 99.99% of gases, allergens and particles and creates a healthy air bubble around you!

Free shipping

2 years warranty

15 days withdrawal period

Free shipping

2 years warranty

15 days withdrawal period

Millions of particles and pathogens around you2,
even if you don't notice them.

Like all of us, you spend up to 90% of your time indoors3, and breathe air that is sometimes 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

2 Prussin, A. J., Garcia, E. B. & Marr, L. C. Total Virus and Bacteria Concentrations in Indoor and Outdoor Air. Environ Sci Technol Lett 2, 84–88 (2015).
3 Leech, J. A., Nelson, W. C., Burnett, R. T., Aaron, S. & Raizenne, M. E. It’s about time: a comparison of Canadian and American time-activity patterns. J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol 12, 427–432 (2002). Environ Sci Technol Lett 2, 84–88 (2015).

Independent laboratory proven effectiveness.
removes 99.99% of air pollutants*

*Tested on bacterial and fungal (mould) strains in fall 2020, in a 1m3 volume, with a sampling area of 1140 cm2.

The following particles can have a lasting effect on your health.


Virus & pathogens


Paints, new furniture, including formaldehyde


Dust & fine particles


Bacteria & molds


Kitchen fumes, bad smells


Detergent product residues


Pollens & plant allergens


Industrial emissions

Effectively removes gases and particles from the air, regardless of their nature.

With its unique Areo-Pure technology, Flolys Nano draws in and depollutes air to create a continuous bubble of clean air around you.


Creates specific ultraviolet radiation, which prevents microorganisms, bacteria and mold from proliferating and results in their destruction.


ransforms toxic gases and pollutants, to make them harmless. Helps protect you from everyday poisoning.


Traps dust and fine particles in the air. This way, they fall directly to the ground and can no longer attack your lungs and mucous membranes.

Find out how Flolys Nano
does away with expensive
and polluting HEPA filters!

Our Aero-Pure technology allows the optimal combination of UVc, Photocatalysis and Ionisation, for a triple-action effect that actually removes harmful gases and particles from the air, not just collects them in a filter.

Frequently asked questions

The effectiveness of Flolys has been proven by an independent laboratory. In particular, Flolys eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria and moulds present in the air. Furthermore, the Aero-Pure technology used in Flolys is based on more than 125,000 scientific studies that demonstrate the relevance of such technology to purify indoor air.

The Flolys air purifier can be placed wherever you want it to be, in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, transport, office, etc. In short, wherever you need it! Point it in your direction and enjoy clean, healthy air immediately.

Of course! Flolys is even designed to keep up with your mobile lifestyle. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer, your external battery, your car or a power adapter. All you have to do is enjoy the clean air delivered by Flolys, wherever you are.

The Flolys purifier is powered by USB. Simply plug Flolys into a USB power source (USB port of a PC/Mac or vehicle, external powerbank, etc.) and it will start to purify the air around you.

Flolys consumes very little energy. In fact, Flolys consumes less than 2 watts, which is less energy than a charging phone.

Flolys produces less than 30 dB in operation. This is a very low and barely audible volume, ideal for rest, sleep or concentration. In other words, Flolys will soon be forgotten!

We provide a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all Flolys devices purchased!

Flolys is suitable for the whole family, distributing purified and cleaned air for the benefit of all.

We designed Flolys with the aim of improving air quality for the whole family, children and adults alike, whatever their age.

The battery is very often the first component to fail or malfunction in a device. We have designed Flolys with the longest possible life span, without programmed obsolescence. This means that we did not add a battery. Of course, you can connect it to your external battery and power Flolys via USB!

Yes, wherever you live, you will receive your Flolys air purifier!

The Flolys purifier is not available in shops. We have chosen to cut out the middleman to give you the best value for money, while manufacturing in France. You can find Flolys on our online shop.

Of course! If our sets of 2 or 4 do not meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will study your needs together and offer you the most appropriate solution.

In order to be informed you can subscribe directly to our newsletter. The form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Unlike conventional air purifiers, the Flolys air purifier does not contain filters. No filter means no regular cleaning or (often expensive) filter replacement.

Vous retrouverez tous nos conseils d’utilisation dans la rubrique dédiée de notre site.

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The first ultra-compact purifier that cleans the air around you, wherever you are!